Dining in Belize - Mariposa Restaurant

Farm To Table Jungle Dining at Our Mariposa Restaurant

Spoil your taste buds and enjoy delectable 'Jungle Cuisine' in our romantic al fresco dining room.

Enjoy the sounds of birds singing in the surrounding trees in the daytime, and listen to the symphony of night sounds while you dine under candlelight.

At the Chaa Creek restaurant, we combine modern and 'old fashioned' cooking techniques with a wide variety of fresh local produce to create innovative and original, mouthwatering meals.

Start your day light with a selection of tropical fruits and homemade yogurt, or go local and try a more substantial breakfast of refried beans, eggs, and freshly prepared corn tortillas.

For lunch, you can choose from our Mariposa Menu with a choice of international dishes like pizzas and pasta accompanied by some regional favorites like quesadillas and ceviche.

Apart from the a la carte menu at dinner time we highly recommend our Chef's daily four-course connoisseur menu, which for many of our guests is one of the highlights of the day.

Innovative dishes like carrot and ginger soup flavored with orange peel and lemon grass, Cho Cho and cantaloupe salad with mango and balsamic dressing, or fresh fish fillet wrapped in 'Santa Maria' leaves sprinkled with lime butter are just a few examples of what you can expect to find in this menu.

We grow most of our produce at our organic Maya farm and what we cannot grow is ‘hand-picked’ from local producers. Only this way can we guarantee fresh products, the taste of our surroundings, and at the same time support the small farmers in our region. 
At the end of your day you may want to try a refreshing Sorrel Flower ice tea, our non-alcoholic signature drink, or any of our wide selection of delicious cocktails at our verandah bar where you can gaze at the stars and share stories with other guests. Our colorful bartenders will happily entertain you with tales of their beloved country, Belize.

Our bar has in stock the best selection of spirits in the country and is open from six in the morning until the last guest leaves at night.

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chaa creek staff server Alice
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Alice Tzib, Hostess Extraordinaire