Ziplining in Belize - Calico Jack's

Ziplining in Belize at Calico Jack's Village

Zip lining is an exhilarating experience with spectacular views and a perspective you won’t get anywhere else in Belize.

It lets you soar through the subtropical jungle of Belize, on the longest aerial runway found in the country, giving you an exciting opportunity to gain a bird’s eye view of the rainforest. 

Calico Jack’s is acknowledged as a safe zip line, double cabled, and built to exceed conventional standards. You will have fun and excitement with peace of mind for your safety.

Calico Jack’s offers three different tours of different length and difficulty, so everyone can give this a try. 

Explorer: This tour is for those who are new to zip lining and offers 1,135 feet of cable and takes 45 minutes from start to finish. Via 4 runs and 7 platforms you enhance your skills as you explore the jungle canopy overhead and end this tour via the exciting jungle lift run.

Intermedio: This tour offers a challenging and lengthy line. It provides 2,573 feet in 7 runs and 12 platforms and includes hiking and crossing a hammock bridge.

Ultimo Explorer: This 2 hour tour is for zip line enthusiasts. It combines the Explorer and Intermedio in over 2,700 feet of zip line comprised of 9 runs and 15 platforms that take you over and through the jungle.

CJV Extreme: This 2 hour activity combines the Ultimo Explorer zip line tour—over 2,700 feet of zip line over and through the jungle— with a cable walk over Rock Canyon. You then climb up a rock and subsequently rappel approximately 50 feet and end this tour zip lining back on our 500 foot run in superman style. How cool is that!


Daily between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm

1 hour and 15 minutes drive from Chaa Creek

Half Day

Moderate - There will be some hiking included, based on which tour you choose

Long or short pants & sturdy protective footwear recommended. (Do not bring along anything which cannot be secured and might drop off in the air)


US $180 per group  (1-4 persons) + tax
US $50 per person Explorer
US $68 per person Intermedio
US $75 per person Ultimo Explorer
US $101 per person CJV Extreme
Taxes are additional at 12.5%  

NOTE: Options do not include lunch. Picnic lunch can be arranged at the concierge's office. 

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