Blue Morpho Butterfly Exhibit

The Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm continues to be a major attraction as people marvel at the splendid iridescent wings of these magnificent butterflies.

The "Belizean Blue" can be observed during every stage of their life cycle.

It begins its cycle as a pale green egg, which looks like a dewdrop, soon after it changes into a voraciously hungry caterpillar, then into the bizarre form of a dormant pupa, and finally into a dazzling beauty that delights the public in butterfly houses throughout the world.

At Chaa Creek, our objective is to encourage learning about our environment and to have fun at the same time. What better way than by illustrating the fascinating sights of an insect's life cycle to help us appreciate the rich diversity of our natural environment that makes Belize one of the world's best, and most interesting, destinations.

our staff

Miguel Choco, Tour Guide