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Frequently Asked Questions

1 How much does a vacation to Belize cost?

The cost to Vacation to Belize depends highly on your travel style and desires. You can travel with USD $84 per day per person if you're on a budget and you can travel for USD $340 per day per person if you're able and willing to splurge. Take Chaa Creek's Inland Expedition Package for example which features 3 meals per day, 1 full day tour and 1 half day tour, stop at the Belize Zoo, and onsite activities if you're booking the 3-night/4 day option which costs USD $1,360 per person.

2 Does Belize have all-inclusive resorts?

Belize is not your typical all-inclusive destination. The country promotes sustainable tourism and as such, doesn't have big chain hotels that usually promote all-inclusive vacations. Many hotels in Belize offer something like all-inclusive in that everything is included except for alcoholic beverages. This can include transfers to and from the airport, all meals, tours and activities, accommodations, spa treatments, and tax and gratuity.

3 What is there to do in Belize in 7 days?

Belize is an adventure-rich destination and offers a myriad of experiences for persons of all ages and interests. From Chaa Creek you can take a full day tour to discover the phenomenal Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, considered by National Geographic as one of the top 12 sacred caves in the world, you can also visit Xunantunich Mayan Ruin which is a half day tour, you can explore the Mountain Pine Ridge and its various waterfalls as a full day option, you can jump into a diving trip off one of Belize's islands or coastal towns during a full day trip, or learn to cook like the locals with a hands-on experience like the Open Hearth Cultural Culinary Courses for a half day cultural exchange. There's no end of options to choose from!

4 What does all-inclusive mean in Belize?

All-inclusive in Belize means that you will get your airport transfers, meals, accommodations, tours, spa treatments, taxes & gratuities all included with the exception of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, usually at a better rate than you would get if you were to purchase items ala carte.

5 Who has the best all-inclusive vacation deals?

There are many resorts and hotels offering Belizean-style all-inclusive vacation packages. The Lodge at Chaa Creek is one such resort that offers all-inclusive vacations with a two for one twist inclusive of our Caribbean Beach partners. This offer allows the best of both worlds, Jungle and Sea combinations for two adventuresome vacations rolled into one.

6 Is all-inclusive worth the money?

Yes – it is beneficial as it can help you to save on items that would otherwise cost more if you purchased one by one.

7 How far in advance should I book an all-inclusive vacation?

It is recommended to book your Belize all-inclusive vacation at least 3 months in advance, especially during peak season Christmas to Easter dates. But if you are a last minute planner, please note that we are always ready to accept last minute reservations as long as occupancy is available.