Belize Map, Districts & Points of Interest

Belize Map & Districts

Belize is divided into six districts, all distinctly Belizean, but each one having its own unique blend of cultures and natural environment. 

The Belize District contains both bustling Belize City and tranquil Ambergris Caye, while Cayo has no seacoast but a lively river system and rich rainforests dotted with Maya archaeological sites. To the north Corozal and Orange Walk both have sweeping sugar cane fields and a more Spanish ambience, while Stann Creek and Toledo Districts to the south have larger Maya and Garifuna populations and dense jungles.

However all districts share that unique Belizean multiculturalism, with Creole, Mestizo, East Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, European and other ethnic backgrounds all part of the cultural mix that makes Belize the vibrant, colourful country it is.

Map of Belize:

Belize’s six districts, their capital cities, area and populations are:

District  Town Sq km sq mi  Pop 2010
Belize    Belize City 4,204 1,623 95,292
Cayo San Ignacio 5,338 2,061 75,046
Corozal Corozal 1,860    718 41,061
Orange Walk Orange Walk 4,737 1,829 45,946
Stann Creek Dangriga 2,176 840 34,323
Toledo Punta Gorda 4,648 1,795 30,785