Belize Spa Treatments

Eye Treatments

De Stress Eye Treatment-Eye Wrinkles (20 min $40)

Specially formulated to eliminate crow’s feet, laugh lines and wrinkles, you’ll notice an immediate improvement after this collagen rich treatment.

De-Stress Eye Treatment-Eye Puffiness (20 min $40)

A soothing mask is applied around the eye contour area to reduce puffiness and black circles, resulting in a fresher, more youthful appearance you’ll immediately appreciate.

Manicure and Pedicure

Hydrating Spa Manicure (45 min $28)

Hands and cuticles are soaked to soften the skin, and a soothing hydrating cream is applied before the cuticles are treated with a deep penetrating oil. Hands are then groomed and the nails are buffed and polished to an elegant finish.

Hydrating Spa Pedicure (60 min $45)

A soothing aromatic foot soak is followed by an exfoliating sea salt scrub to remove dry skin and soothe rough spots. Your feet are then thoroughly hydrated with a cooling herb lotion, the nails and cuticles groomed and the nails polished to an exquisite finish.

Chocolate Kisses Pedicure (60 min $55)

Discover what the local Maya of Belize have known for thousands of years - you don’t need to eat or drink chocolate to take advantage of its many miraculous properties. When organic cacao is absorbed through the skin it soothes and refreshes like no other botanical. This luxurious pedicure begins with a delicate mint scrub to polish your feet and prepare them for a delicious chocolate mousse mask that will nourish and hydrate to a state of absolute luxury.


Waxing in the midst of a pristine rainforest? Professional hair removal in a beautiful, exotic location? Why not?

  • Lip $12.00
  • Chin $12.00
  • Eyebrow $12.00
  • Bikini $25.00

Body Treatments

Silky Body Polish (60 min $75)

A delightfully aromatic way to exfoliate, rehydrate and polish dry skin while removing impurities and toxins. Improves blood circulation yet is so gentle on fine capillaries that your skin emerges silky smooth and glowing with vitality. Also highly effective as a pre-treatment preparation.

Saltmousse-Glow Full Body Exfoliating Treatment (60 Min $75)

In this revolutionary salt mousse treatment, French sea salt is combined with organic fruit extracts enriched in provitamin A and carrot seed oil to recreate the healthy ambience of a seawater soak, rekindling natural processes that work to refine skin in a way no other exfoliating treatment can. Choose papaya-pineapple or mango-passionfruit natural extract aromas for a luxurious sensory experience

Full Body Seaweed Wrap (60 min $95)

This full body seaweed wrap is the ultimate, natural way to eliminate stress and toxins while toning and firming. Relax with a gentle exfoliation before a generous amount of warm micronized seaweed cataplasm is applied. You are then enveloped in thermal blankets to coax your body into releasing impurities and melting stress away. This is a treatment that activates blood circulation to help detoxify, mineralize, moisturize and refine all skin types.

Skin Smoothing Treatment (Cellulite) (60 min $105)

This cutting-edge cellulite treatment employs a revolutionary cocktail of natural ingredients that slims and tones your body while stimulating its natural ability to break down fat, increase metabolism and eliminate water retention. The secret is pure, 100% micronized green coffee, which is naturally rich in chlorogenic acid, Polysaccharides protein and essential oils. It will smooth and enhance your skin’s overall texture and visibly reduce spongy, dimply, cellutic areas. Men also find it to be effective as a locally applied abdominalshaping sports wrap.

Stimulating, diuretic and detoxifying, this combination of toning and firming botanicals will reduce that dimpled appearance and create smoother contours.

NOTE: Taxes are not included. All prices are in US Dollars.

Days at the Spa

Divine Time ($365)

  • Decadent chocolate-apple sugar polish
  • Warm chocolate massage
  • Sugar spice pedicure
  • Strawberry facial
  • This package also includes gourmet lunch at the spa and a glass of Chocolate wine

Tropical Escape ($387)

  • Papaya-pineapple body wrap with body scrub
  • Tropical Caribbean cloud nine massage
  • Specialty facial
  • This package includes lunch and a glass of Chocolate wine
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