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Lie back, close your eyes amid a symphony of songbirds and awake refreshed and invigorated with a smile to match your glowing skin!

Customized Facial (60 min $85)

Customized according to your skin type and specific needs, this facial uses highly concentrated natural ingredients to produce amazing results you’ll see and feel instantly. Your aesthetician will work with you to choose the most effective products based on your individual skin, facial structure and other considerations prior to conducting a deep pore cleaning. We’ll also help you chose the mask that suits you best.

Strawberry Hydro-boost (60 min $85)

A vitamin enriched hydro-boost that begins with a gentle yet thorough cleansing. An exclusive Pevonia “Clear-O-Zym” peel is then applied to remove accumulated dead cells and follicular debris. This deep cleansing is then followed with a delightful antioxidant strawberry mask that cools and desensitizes while replenishing, the skin’s natural moisture and balance.

Papaya Hydrosoothe (60 min $85)

Beginning with an exfoliating cleansing followed by the exclusive Pevonia “Clear-O-Zym” peel, this treatment is especially effective in removing deep clogging, blackheads and dead cells. The deep cleansing is followed with a papaya mask that includes a natural blend of replenishing and calming ingredients. Especially effective for teens, it is also perfect for anyone wishing to restore vital skin health and reverse sun damage.

Luminous “C” & Sea” Mask (60 min $105)

This scientifically formulated three-step mask treatment conditions dry and dehydrated skin with an exclusive high potency combination of vitamin C and freeze-dried seaweed, leaving skin firmer, brighter and velvety-soft. An excellent rejuvenation for sun and wind damaged skin that restores a youthful appearance and leaves you… luminous.

Oxy-Vital Mask (60 min $105)

A super concentrated, high potency combination of ingredients that blends aloe vera for healing, azulene for calming, and collagen fibre for winklesmoothing. By activating skin cells’ natural ability to use oxygen, the Oxy-Vital mask reduces redness and relieves sensitivity, making it the perfect choice for couperose and sensitive/hypersensitive skin types. Also recommended as an effective treatment for traumatized, sun-exposed and postoperative skin.

Anti Free Radicals Mask (60 min $105)

Combats dry, dehydrated skin by infusing the skin with vitamins A, E and D, effectively fighting free radicals that cause premature ageing. This hard liftoff mask has a unique bi-thermal character. It begins with a warming sensation causing vasodilation which helps skin absorb the high concentration of vitamins. It then cools, resulting in vasoconstriction to seal in moisture, leaving your face firmer, more vibrant and with better definition. The first look in the mirror will leave you delightfully surprised.

InstaGLAM (60 min $95)

Ideal for all skin types and especially effective on highly sensitive and oily skin, this cool and refreshing Spirulina-based treatment is an ideal preparation for when you want to look especially glamourous. A natural ability to calm and detoxify skin while reducing redness, itching and inflammation also makes it appealing to men.

The application begins with cleansing, toning, and exfoliating preparation tailored to your own skin type before the contents of an individual Sensitive Complex Ampoule are carefully applied to the face, neck and décolleté.

InstaGLOW (60 min $95)

The treatment of choice for mature and sun damaged skin, it brightens and repairs while guarding against free-radicals with its high anti-oxidant properties. Insta GLOW deeply moisturizes to help delay signs of premature ageing by healing UV-related damage and preventing dehydration while stimulating your cell’s natural regeneration processes.

InstaLIFT (60 min $95)

This powerful combination of natural ingredients and professional application make InstaLIFT ideal for all skin types with special benefits for more mature skin. 

Using a unique rice bran soft lift-off mask and a patented Lifting Complex Ampule, it creates an immediate lifting and firming effect. With this deeply hydrating treatment that helps to restore the hydro-lipidic film, you’ll immediately notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles for smoother, firmer skin with a fresh, velvety feel.

InstaHEAL (60 min $95)

An instantly effective and deeply transformative treatment for oily, acne-prone and other problematic skin types, Insta-Heal also works to normalize and rejuvenate all skin types. 

This soft lift-off mask combines tea tree and lemon essences with willow herb, aloe vera, oleanolic acid from ivy or sage, and dead sea mud to draw out toxins and stimulate circulation while purifying and promoting optimal skin moisture.

Especially after a deep cleansing facial, Insta-Heal will soothe and regulate sebum production and refine pores to leave your face with a brighter, silky complexion.

A proven recipe of plants and minerals combined with expert, soothing application, nourishes, stimulates and revitalizes skin.

Hydrating Facial
Re-hydrates thirsty skin and restores natural harmony.

Firming Facial
Gives skin and muscles a lift, restoring a natural glow.

Purifying Facial
Brightens the complexion while cleansing pores.

Detoxifying Facial
Moisturizes and rids the skin of damaging impurities.

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