Belize Massage Spa Treatments

Our experienced professionals love working in this stunning natural environment, and it shows in their therapeutic attention to soothing your body and spirit.

And we have just expanded our range of massage oils. With Coffee, Coconut Oil, Chocolate, Lavender, Ylang/Ylang, Rosehips, Winter Green and Eucalyptus, you can now personalize your treatments by selecting the scents you love most.

Tropical Swedish Massage (60 Min $95)

Traditional Swedish techniques are famous for relieving sore muscles while increasing circulation to create a state of total relaxation. Combined with fresh air and a stunning rainforest location, these time honored techniques will carry you to a new dimension.

The Caribbean Cloud Nine Massage (90 Min $120)

This relaxing massage combines the gentle rustle of palm fronds and fresh breezes with a deluxe treatment that blends different massage techniques and botanicals to create a heavenly experience. A soothing neck, head and face massage completes the experience and returns you to earth refreshed and rejuvenated.

Invigorating Rainforest Massage (60 Min $95)

A personalized therapeutic treatment especially tailored to your individual tastes and body-type. Our therapists work with you to identify exactly what is needed to reduce tension and soothe tired muscles, creating a harmonious mind-body balance and state of exquisite relaxation.

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