Requirements For Getting Married In Belize

Obtaining a marriage license in Belize

A relatively simple and uncomplicated process, here's what you need to know:

1. One or both parties must be in the country one day prior to applying for a license. Marriage licenses can be obtained through either the Registrar General's Office in Belize City (Tel: 501-227-7377, fax: 501-822-3390 or the Attorney General's Ministry in Belmopan (Tel: 501-822-2504, fax: 501-822-3390). One day's notice is required before you apply at the Attorney General's Ministry. A marriage license can be picked up one or two days after it is approved and must be signed by a justice of the Peace. Cost of license for non-Belizeans is US$250.00 per couple. A lesser fee of US$100 is applicable to couples domiciled in Belize for three days or more prior to the wedding.

2. Couples must provide valid passports with date of entry stamp.

3. Proof of citizenship is necessary, in the form of an original birth certificate with a raised seal, or signed by a notary public, that includes father's name, or a valid passport would be considered as such proof.

4. If either party was previously married, proof of divorce, if applicable (an original or certified copy of your divorce certificate), or a certified copy of decree or death certificate is necessary if you're a widow or widower, and must be submitted with the license application.

5. If you're over 18 years of age, you don't need a blood test or parental consent.

6. Two witnesses (male and female) are required to be present at the ceremony. (If a couple is traveling alone, hotel staff and/or guests are usually willing to stand in as witnesses.)

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