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      Caracol Maya Temples

Located deep within the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Caracol is the largest known Maya site in Belize and one of the biggest in the Maya world.  Caracol was a Classic Period urban center that spread out over 55 square miles with an estimated population of 180,000 people.  Caracol's enormous central core area covered 15 square miles and was linked together by more than 20 miles of "sacbeobs" (causeways) that radiated outward from its epicenter.  The temple "Caana" rises 42 meters above plaza level and to this day is the largest man-made structure in Belize.  Over 70 formal tombs have been excavated and many hieroglyphic texts have been found on stelea, altars, and ball court markers, capstones and wall facades. Ocellated Turkeys are one of the many wildlife species that you will find in this area. This region is also known as an excellent location for birding.

Tour details:

Departures: 7:30 am

Distance: 90 miles from Chaa Creek -- approximately 2 hours drive time

Duration: Full day ( can be combined with Mountain Pine Ridge)

Habitat: Sub-tropical broadleaf forest

Fitness: Moderate

Dress: Short or long pants and sturdy protective footwear -- sleeve lengths are optional

Lunch: Packed lunch can be pre arranged with concierge if required

What To Bring Along:

Hat, sunscreen, water, insect repellant, camera, raingear if needed and binoculars.

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