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 Pontoon on the Vaca Lake

The Vaca Lake is a man-made reservoir in the upper Macal River Valley a few miles upstream from our Lodge. When the lake swelled into a 6 mile long waterhole, Lazaro Martinez who grew up in the area decided it was time to invite adventurers to his childhood backyard. Join him on a hilly jungle trek to his pontoon, La Capitana
for a tamed loop around the lake.

The gentle drift offers a unique opportunity to
spot myriad creatures including, Tapirs, Spider Monkeys, Ocelots and a plethora of Birds conveying at this biospheric junction.
La Capitana docks at one of three pristine waterfalls for an exploratory hike and optional
swimming. Relax at the water’s edge and enjoy your picnic lunch.

Tour details:

Departure: Daily tours leave at 8:00 am

Duration: Full day

Fitness: Moderate - ability to hike hilly terrain and climb on bolders

Dress: T-shirts, shorts, water shoes, swimming suits.

Lunch: Packed lunch can be pre arranged with concierge - US$15 per person for lunch

Boat Tour: US$70 per person

Transportation: US$155 (1 - 4 persons)

What To Bring Along

Hat, sunscreen, water, insect repellant, camera, and raingear if needed.

Questions about the Pontoon on the Vaca Lake Tour ? Call us at 877-709-8708. We'd love to help you plan your Belize Adventure Tours.



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