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The Lodge at Chaa Creek is making a splash with the recent addition to its 365-acre nature reserve. A beautifully appointed, fresh water swimming pool has been added to the numerous onsite activities that Chaa Creek offers, and combines to make Chaa Creek an extra special holiday destination.

The eco-friendly swimming pool was built with both adults and children in mind. Its bi-level configuration allows for swimming and paddling pools, as well as generous lounging space for dining, sun bathing and relaxation.

“Our family had a wonderful stay at Chaa Creek during the week of Christmas, and our three children were fortunate enough to be the very first guests to take a dip in your fantastic new swimming pool”.

The total capacity of the pool is a whopping 46,000 gallons, 45,000 gallons in the main pool area and 1,000 gallons in children’s paddling pool. The size is 60ft long and 20ft wide with a depth of 4.7 ft.

The pool’s Green credential is facilitated by the IntelliChlor Electronic Chlorine Generator (IECG). This sanitation system uses a salt chlorinator to create a process known as electrolysis which produces a chlorine gas that immediately dissolves into a solution creating Hypochlorite, a pool and spa water sanitizer. Hypochlorite kills bacteria, oxidizes organic material, and kills algae, then reverts back to salt. A low concentration of salt added to the pool water is the only sanitizer used. The IECG then reuses the salt and the process starts over again.


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