A Chocolate Rainforest Spa Experience

Chocolate, the food of the gods during the golden age of the Maya civilization in Belize, was a treat reserved for the society's elite in 500 B.C. The Maya, once the world's most advanced horticulturists, cultivated Cacao beans that were used throughout Mesoamerica as money...and what better exchange than the currency of love!

Our Chocolatissimo Package offers five choco-lovers spa treatments including the exhilarating Cocoa Massage and indulgent Chocolate Fondue Wrap. Along with enchanting accommodations, candlelight dinners, hearty breakfasts, and cocoa-inspired cocktails and desserts, you will also enjoy a host of guided onsite acitivities such as horseback riding to an ancient Maya temple, mountain biking through a forested cacao grove, nature treks on jungle trails, and canoeing at sunset on the Macal river.

3 nights / 4 Days - U.S. $1,200.00

4 nights / 5 Days - U.S. $1,435.00

Price is based on a minimum of two and includes transfers and taxes.

Island combinations and villa upgrades are available.

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