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Massage Therapy

Full Body Therapeutic Massage
An assortment of therapeutic massages designed to drive tension from muscles, ease stress and mental fatigue and restore a feeling of well being.

Cellulite Treatments
Using toning and firming botanicals to reduce that dimpled appearance and create smoother contours.

A proven recipe of plants and minerals combined with expert, soothing application, nourishes, stimulates and revitalizes skin.

Hydrating Facial
Re-hydrates thirsty skin and restores natural harmony.

Firming Facial
Gives skin and muscles a lift, restoring a natural glow.

Purifying Facial
Brightens the complexion while cleansing pores.

Detoxifying Facial
Moisturizes and rids the skin of damaging impurities.

Tropical Body Wraps and Scrubs
Improve circulation and elimination while detoxifying and firming contours.

Herbal Body Wraps
Pure, all natural herbal and botanical preparations awaken skin and add new luster and radiance.

Seaweed Body Wrap
Mineral-rich, soothing marine spa treatments restore balance of mind and body. All the nurturing properties of the sea without the harsh salt.

More Mud Body Wraps
Provide the skin with optimum mineral balance and promote cellular oxygenation, leading to a more uniform, rejuvenated skin surface.

Exfoliating Body Polish
Awaken your senses with this invigorating treatment as it erases dull surface debris and leaves the skin soft and radiant.

After treating yourself to any of the above body wraps, further invigorate your body with high-pressure nozzles, which provide hundreds of mini massages all over the body, restoring natural energy and reducing fatigue while relaxing tense muscles.

Restores lost energy and physical and mental balance to promote a tranquil atmosphere for natural rejuvenation.

Manicure and Pedicure

Hydrating Spa Pedicure
A soothing foot soak followed by an exfoliating sea salt scrub that removes dry skin and soothes rough spots. The feet are then thoroughly hydrated with a cooling herb lotion. The nails and cuticles are groomed and the nails are polished and finished.

Hydrating Spa Manicure
The hands and cuticles are soaked to soften the skin, then a soothing hydrating cream is applied, and the cuticles are treated with a deep penetrating oil. Hands are then groomed and the nails are buffed and polished.


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