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The purpose of the 12% service charge on accommodations, meals and drinks is to allow a fair distribution of what would normally be "tips" from our guests to The Lodge at Chaa Creek employees. 

The Lodge at Chaa Creek pays out 100% of what is collected from the service charge.  Of this,70% is paid out every month and the other 30% is put into an interest-bearing account controlled by the employees and is paid out 50% in June and 50% in December. 

Each position at The Lodge at Chaa Creek is assigned a number of shares or set percentage of the total collected. This is then divided by these and paid out accordingly.

The off-site driver/ guides are not included in this but it is customary for guests to tip them what they feel is appropriate in those instances; otherwise no other tipping is necessary unless one feels that a certain member of staff has earned special recognition. 

The employees of The Spa at Chaa Creek are not employees of The Lodge at Chaa Creek and neither are they part of the Service Charge Scheme.

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