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        Belize Maya Heartland 2012

     Six and 7 Night Inclusive Packages 

        Starting at US$3070 Per Person

The Belize Maya Heartland 2012 Adventure Vacation package puts you right in the centre of a once-in-a lifetime celebration of one of the great epochs of recorded history – the winter solstice of 2012.

2012 is a year of huge significance for the Maya, and what better place to learn about  Maya civilisation and the real story behind 2012 than from the people themselves while exploring Maya history and culture throughout Belize, the Heartland of the Maya.  

Chaa Creek, situated between the huge, once flourishing ancient cities of Tikal and Caracol, held a pivotal place in ancient Maya life and was an important trade and population centre in its own right. Our 365 acre private nature reserve in the foothills of the Maya Mountains is studded with a wealth of Maya archaeological sites and antiquities, including 70 documented Maya sites, and the pristine jungle rainforest continues to yield new finds and cultural treasures every year.

The Belize Maya Heartland 2012 Package is an exceptional, exciting Maya adventure learning experience designed to immerse visitors in the architecture, history, culture, religion, art, healing and agriculture that is still evident in the heartland of the Maya. It combines exciting on-site activities with comprehensive adventure tours including visits to ancient Maya metropolises in Belize and nearby Guatemala, our local Maya temples, royal palaces and famous ball courts, the incredible, well preserved sacred ceremonial caves and many other beautiful and exotic remnants of this magnificent, enigmatic civilisation.

Within Chaa Creek’s private nature reserve, you can explore, by horseback, foot or mountain bike, the working Maya Farm, Medicinal Plant Trail, Natural History Centre, and the excavated and unexcavated Maya sites dotting the lush rainforest. Canoe down the meandering Macal River in much the same way the ancient Maya did – and still do today. Take our guided birding tours and nature walks to learn the Mayan words for the same species they valued thousands of years ago. Learn how to read the Maya calendar, whose accuracy continues to astound scientists the world over.

We have taken care to celebrate 2012 with the authenticity, respect and sense of awe it deserves. This is an exceptional opportunity to become immersed in Belize’s uniquely rich culture, history and environment.

And, as always at Chaa Creek, we expect you to have fun and enjoy a bit of jungle luxury while doing so.

Please consider our Belize Maya Heartland 2012 adventure learning package and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. December 21 2012 will be a massive, extraordinary celebration, so book now to ensure participation in the Winter Solstice. Chaa Creek will be hosting many 2012 specific events and workshops throughout 2011 and 2012, so make sure you keep up to date with our blog.

We hope to see you during our 2011 – 2012 year of the Maya... it will be truly extraordinary.


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