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1. The Coma   (90 Min $100.00)

The ultimate in relaxation!  Deluxe massage incorporates elements from various massage techniques. Closes with a specific soothing massage of the neck, head and face.

2. Swedish Massage   (60 Min $85.00)

Traditional Swedish techniques used to relieve sore muscles, increase circulation and induce a state of total relaxation.

3. Therapeutic Massage   (60 Min $85.00)

Personalized treatment designed to meet your own personal body needs. Reduces tension, soothes tired muscles and offers an overall state of relaxation. 

4. Aromatherapy Massage   (90 Min $105.00)

Customized massage combining the sense of smell and touch using essential oils. These oils are absorbed through the skin to soothe both externally and internally.  This massage is relaxing and revitalizes energy.


1. Customized Facial   (60 min $70.00)

Customized according to skin type. Ingredients come in high concentrations producing great results.

2. Luminous "C" & Sea Mask   (60 min $95.00)

Three step mask with a high concentrate of Vitamin "C". Helps to reduce fine lines, strengthen skin's elasticity, restore a youthful appearance.  A visible, astonishing result that has no other name but Luminous.

3. Elasto-Firm Mask   (60 min $95.00)

Elastin is the most renown protein for skin's strengthening. As an applied treatment protein, it retards and helps slackening of the skin and gives the surface a radiant, youthful look.

4. Oxy-Vital Mask   (60 min $95.00)

Offering aloe vera and azulene as main ingredients,  this mask is soothing and defuses redness. An excellent treatment for any sensitive, super-sensitive, couperose or Roscoe skin type.

5. Anti Free Radicals Mask   (60 min $95.00)

A lift-off hard mask that changes temperature during the treatment. The gradual change of temperature from hot to cold provokes two different reactions: (1) Vasodialation and penetration of all active ingredients and vitamins acting as anti-free radicals by protecting cells' membranes.  (2) Vasoconstriction for a tight and vibrant look of the skin.

6. Oxygenating Mask with Vitamin "C"
                (60 min $95.00)

This mask is a powerful tool to keep the oxygen active against the skin for ten minutes. Oxygenating the surface of the skin is an activating treatment with a phenomenal visual result.  For all skin types except very sensitive. 

7. Back Treatment   (60 min $70.00)

All the deep cleansing luxury of the facial but dedicated to those hard to reach areas of the neck and back.  

Eye Treatments

1. De Stress Eye Treatment-Eye Wrinkles
                (20 min $40.00)

Specially formulated for wrinkles. This collagen treatment immediately reduces fine lines and crow's feet.

2. De-Stress Eye Treatment-Eye Puffiness
              (20 min $40.00)

A mask is applies around the eye contour area. This treatment is very soothing and is great for reducing puffiness and black circles.

Manicure and Pedicure 

1. Hydrating Spa Pedicure   (60 min $45.00)

A soothing foot soak followed by an exfoliating sea salt scrub that removes dry skin and sooths rough spots. The feet are then thoroughly hydrated with a cooling herb lotion.  The nails and cuticles are groomed and the nails are polished and finished.

2. Hydrating Spa Manicure   (45 min $28.00)

The hands and cuticles are soaked to soften the skin, then a soothing hydrating cream is applied, and the cuticles are treated with a deep penetrating oil. 
Hands are then groomed and the nails are buffed and polished.


Lip               $10.00                  Leg (1/2)       $35.00

Chin            $10.00                  Leg (full)      $55.00

Eyebrow    $10.00                  Bikini  $25.00

Underarm $15.00                  Back    $40.00
Body Treatments

1. Full Body Polish   (60 min $65.00)

Removes impurities and rough skin, refines the epidermis, activates blood circulation without harming fine capillaries and renders the skin soft and silky smooth.

2. Aromatherapy Body Salt Glow   (60 min $65.00)

Exfoliates dead cells, cleanses the skin, stimulates and  improves skin color, leaves the skin soft, smooth and revitalized.

3. Full Body Seaweed Wrap   (60 min $85.00)

Refines the skin, activates blood circulation, detoxifies, mineralizes and moisturizes.

4. Skin Smoothing Treatment(Cellulite)  
               (60 min $95.00)

Stimulating, diuretic and detoxifying.  Using toning and firming botanicals to reduce that dimpled appearance and creates smoother contours.

5. Skin Firming Body Treatments   (60 min $95.00)

Smoothes the skin, stimulates and invigorates skin tissues, tightens and firms the epidermis improving elasticity.  This treatment is excellent during weight loss.

                       Taxes are not included

                    All prices are in US Dollars

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